Video Production Tips

The video making process is very critical when you are documenting your family events. Advanced cam recorders have been designed, and they make the shooting process very effective and efficient. Proper and careful planning is required to make a good video. Scriptwriting an also be done when producing a documentary or drama for your family or school. Most of the freelancers are very creative in creating videos.


A good freelancer should produce quality work and observe the set deadlines. Here are the five effective tips that are applied in creative video production.

Focussing on the set deadline

As a freelancer, you must meet the deadlines set by your client. Complete your work set deadlinewithin the stipulated time. This is very critical in building your reputation. Serious efforts should, therefore, be made to meet the deadlines. You can easily establish the habit of meeting the deadlines if you consider missing one to be a cardinal sin.

Keeping a running list of your deadlines and projects

You should have a worksheet of all the current projects. This will ensure that you do not miss the project end date. The spreadsheet should indicate all the current projects, their current status as well as the expected deadline. The list can also be coloured to indicate the stages of development of every project. It is great to have good organization skills as they will help you in planning and keeping track of your projects.

Clear communication

As a freelancer, you need to communicate your expectations with the client. You should be clear when explaining your process as they would help you in setting and meeting the client’s deadlines. You should ask for a deadline in case the client does not mention about it.

Giving yourself a cushion

This is another way of ensuringcalendar that your work is completed and submitted in time. You can achieve this by giving yourself a prior deadline before the actual deadline set by the client. This means that you will have ample time of tying up the loose ends just in case anything goes awry. This can be done by breaking the project into smaller pieces. You can then estimate the amount of time required to accomplish each piece of work. Cushioning helps in accommodating any delays in your project.

Having a clear outcome

Both you and the client should agree amicably about the end deliverable date. There should be no disagreement about what is to be done and when to have it accomplished.